Work With Diane

Align with the Feminine Intuitive Self, Align with the Flow of Life. 

You are gifted, talented and bring a special quality of light and vibration into the world. 

That's what's calling you, impelling you, compelling you to offer your products and services through a business to transform the planet with lightness and grace. 


But some processes seem hard and difficult and glitchy, while other tasks are easier and more fluid. 


What are your dreams?

What if your business was fun, vibrant and flourishing? Imagine if it was no longer a source of burnout, anxiety or overwhelm but instead, was a source of optimism, in service to your highest vision and calling. 

What if money felt as welcome as your BFF, free to come on over, slouch on your couch and stay awhile?

What if you could unleash the chic, sensual, bold, brilliant woman tucked away deep inside, so you can be fully expressed, the creative powerhouse that changes the world. 


Imagine having:

  • a thriving business with predictable, abundant cash flows
  • certainty in the inspired decisions you make and the success you and your team achieve
  • beauty all around you that delights the senses, bringing richness, elegance and joie de vivre
  • the anticipation, every day, that a pleasant surprise is on its way from the universe 
  • confidence that your leadership choices align with your inner guidance to create a positive impact 


BUT the challenges!  Yes, I know all about them:

  • you make choices that take you in unplanned directions, so results are not what you expect
  • you can’t get past that glass ceiling, no matter what you’ve tried 
  • after tapping, affirmations, meditation, all the things, there’s more mindset work to do 
  • relationships can be bumpy and you often feel lost, alone and like a loser
  • income is up and down, a bit of a roller-coaster ride – unpredictable and nerve-wracking! 
  • it feels like it's time to pivot but nothing is defined and the uncertainty is massive 


Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


I’m Diane Ho-Lung, and I coach conscious soul-connected entrepreneurs to be aligned in the now moment, so they get out of chaos, overwork, underearning and scarcity and move effortlessly into the softness of abundance, being and flow. 

I work with high-performing talented women (and men) like you.

Mission-driven, purposeful and iconic, you courageously forge your own path. You recognize others' expertise, build effective teams, and offer inspired, life-affirming products and services that support a higher frequency on the planet. 


With my proven Vision, Align, Tune-In System (VATS ), I’ll work with your unique Energy Pattern Expression to create more soul-level harmony in your business, life, legacy and relationships. 

 What would that give you?

The ability to be free from conflict, tension, exhaustion and burnout. The ability to give up the fighting and allow the flow of standing still in allowance, honoring, grace and peace.

How does that sound?

And what will that feel like... 

You’ll have greater ease on the emotional, mental, physical, financial, spiritual and creative levels. You'll enhance your focus and productivity, and achieve greater clarity, fulfillment, profit and success. It will be easier for you to be in the flow., influencing the world with your talents, spirit and passion. 

You'll have the feeling everything is in perfect order when you wake up in the morning. You'll feel calm, content, optimistic, blessed, vital and energized, in harmony with the world. 


You'll have a sense of ease with Money. Time. Liberty. Awareness. Presence in the Now. Peace. Joy. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. Connection. Being.

Sound good? 


I'd be honored to be your guide to having Ease with Abundance, Aligned Being and Flow.


If you feel called to join me, I’d love to chat and get to know you better. Click here to book a complimentary Business Breakthrough Call. 


I look forward to meeting you! 


Diane Ho-Lung, Energy Clearing Specialist 

Elite Coach to Soul-Connected Entrepreneurs




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What clients say about Diane:  

Linda Goldsmith     "In the middle of the night I woke with a confused mind with new priorities and feelings. Like my essence was trying to come through. I love talking with you. I just love your personality and style. It is sincere, connected and transforming. If it is not immediately apparent, it will be. Thanks for your magic."  Linda Goldsmith


 Abby Shukster    "I found Diane to be a brilliant combination of sweetness and functionality. Diane has a way of clearing the fundamental issues of the heart with ease. Diane delivers profound change with a gentle, impactful invitation. I am grateful to have worked with Diane and honor her ability to be peaceful, perceptive, direct and joyful, all in one breath."  Abby Shukster


Sandy beach. Photo: Mark Chin, Hollywood, FL 

Diane and a feathered friend 

Photo: Mark Chin, Hollywood, FL