Clients are empowered to achieve their mission and purpose, and create their lives with greater awareness, success and ease.  

Diane offers Business Breakthrough sessions and Inner Alignment & Mindset programs. She is also a practitioner of many techniques including The Peace Process, Instant Miracle Technique, Symphony Clearing Sessions. Access Consciousness The Bars© and Access Consciousness Body Processes©

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What Diane's Clients Say   

"Your energy work is uniquely powerful, and it's helped me clean up residual, deeper blocks than I was conscious of"

My experience of you, Diane, is how you are a powerful stand for another person's superpower, capacity and path. You see it, and you patiently wait and continue to support until the person you're working with and "seeing" also sees it. You don't hold back and simply channel what comes through, allowing the client to receive whatever is meant to land for them in the moment. 

Above all, I absolutely love and am so thankful for the clearings you've offered me just when I needed it the most (and I didn't have to ask!) you simply popped in and offered support. And for me, it was that extra helping hand in finalizing the inner shift I was working on just in that moment. Your muscle testing, and energy work is uniquely powerful, and it's helped me clean up residual, deeper blocks than I was conscious of. Thank you.

Maria Gavriel
Founder, MariaGavriel.com, Transformational Coach for Moms & Soulpreneurs, Award Winning Author, Speaker and Activist




    Cynthia Makris, FL  Diane gave me insight into my business, opened up possibilities for the expansion of everything I do

Hi! Diane Ho-Lung is a magnificent Access facilitator. In a short telephone conversation, she gave me more insight into my business than I had had at any time before. She also opened up BIG possibilities for the expansion of everything I do as if they were the most logical steps in the world. Diane has vision and, most of all, she asks questions, so that your own truth comes out. Without imposing any of her own points of view, she has an uncanny knack for setting free the big, outrageous places your business could go and where it would like to go. I highly recommend working with her if you are interested in expanding your horizons.   
 Cynthia Makris, Soprano, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Linda Rowntree UK it could be Intuitive TLC... we both connected with that immediately

The biggest AHA I got was when you asked me how I described what I do... I replied with Intuitive Transformational Life Coach. You then asked me if that sat well with me and I replied that a couple of people had pointed out that it could be Intuitive TLC... we both connected with that immediately, I went all goose pimples. We then had a discussion about marketing it as that and even a domain name for it.

I want to thank you for your gentle energy, and the way you connected with me and spoke to me, you encouraged me to find my own answers through your suggestions. Thank you - with love Linda x

Linda Rowntree, Intuitive TLC Life Coach, Energy Healer, Suffolk, UK. www.lindarowntree.com

Picture  She effectively resolved my issues. I was transformed with mental clarity

Diane is a quiet force of intuition, insight and resolution. Through easy listening, her mastery is at work and quickly clarifies your own perception of reality with awareness, acceptance and gratefulness. She effectively resolved my issues. I was transformed with mental clarity with energy shifts for permanent results. Her gentle nature and skill left me felling joyful, supported and light. I look forward to working with her again for deep transformations. She is much more than a coach or guide.

Linda Goldsmith
www.GoldsmithCommunications.com, Harwinton, CT




  Diane creates an open space for me to safely look around and access what is serving me

Diane’s process is a very gentle one.  She is an excellent listener and holds the space for you to access your own wisdom.  The sensation I have at the end of our calls is of having opened the door to my brain, walked inside and sat down in the space she has cleared in the middle.  She metaphorically pushes all my worries, fears and anxiety to the edges and creates an open space for me to safely look around and access what is serving me and what needs to go.

I was very skeptical about this kind of energy work but have become a firm believer in her process.  I can literally feel my energy shift while we are on the call.  The level of clarity that she has helped me achieve is one of the most valuable tools I have as I build my business.

Diane is magnificently talented and a beautiful soul.  Your life will be better for letting her be of service to you.  

Melinda Sohns 


Abby Shukster   Diane has a way of clearing the fundamental issues of the heart

I found Diane to be a brilliant combination of sweetness and functionality.

Diane has a way of clearing the fundamental issues of the heart with ease.  

Diane delivers profound change with a gentle, impactful invitation.

I am grateful to have worked with Diane and honor her ability to be peaceful, perceptive, direct and joyful, all in one breath.

Abby Shukster, El Dorado, Ontario, Canada 

   Tim A Marsh  "she makes the water flow smooth and crystal clear"

"Working with Diane is like starting with a muddy stream and she makes the water flow smooth and crystal clear so you can see the grains of sand at the bottom.”

Tim A. Marsh, Forensic Construction Consultant, CA, USA


Diane and Michele Ho Lung have done Double Sparkle Energy Sessions together. Here are some kind words about these sessions.



Valentina Garcia   I Could Feel the Energy Bubbling, Like Sparkling Wine...I had a sense of peace

I had the pleasure of experiencing a Double Sparkle Session with Michele and Diane Ho Lung.  What an interesting experience it was!  At the beginning I felt very tingly and itchy.  As the tension and worry started to be released, I could feel the energy bubbling, like sparkling wine, throughout my body.  Then it shifted into these amazing waves of energy flowing through me.  At the end of the session, I felt relaxed, happy and had an incredible sense of peace.  I will definitely have another session!  

Valentina Garcia, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

   I felt more clarity. It felt like I had taken my brain to the car wash!
After working with Michele and Diane (I got blessings through both of you), I immediately felt more clarity in my daily life.  It felt like I had taken my brain to the car wash. Residual dust had been cleared away and I could suddenly recognize my own potential.  Thank you Michele and Diane! 
Elisabeth Swim. M.A., Houston, Texas

Picture  Thoughts and blocks are released, I become clearer on my direction. And it is fun! 

Sparkling in personality and talent, Michele does an energetic dance to your energy and Diane, slower, steady motions.  You actually feel the energy of your body as an internal volume move and play.  Michele and Diane work singly or together, with an individual or a group, in person or on-line.  The transformation of aches, pains, thoughts and blocks are released in the process - whatever your body needs.  My staph infection cleared and blocks were released and I become clearer on my focus and direction for my life.  I left with a sense of relaxation and peace.  And it is fun!  It is amazing how I feel the energy so strongly as you work.  Your style is so free and fun.  We laugh and giggle together as deep work is being done. With Warm Regards,

Linda Goldsmith
GoldsmithCommunications.com, Harwinton, CT


Shirley Chen  My pain was gone. I danced for 3 hours straight.  Double Sparkled ...Over Such A Far Distance!

I was overjoyed to find out that I could participate in the ​Double Sparkle sessions via ​t​elephone. During the first ​session I felt that my pain was lessening.​  Following this, I went to my gym class and I noticed my stride was wider and I was moving easier.​ After the third ​session my pain was gone. I went dancing with my husband and I found myself moving so well that I danced for 3 hours straight, something I have not been able to do for a long time!  It is a mystery to me how these three ​sessions could influence my pain and elate my​ feelings over such a far distance!  During all the sessions I noticed feeling more relaxed and good not only in my body, but also overall as I got into a very peaceful and quiet space. Keep up your magnificent work!  

Shirley Chen, Cologne, ​Germany




Feeling Lighter and My Spirit Refreshed!

I'm very grateful to have met Diane and Michele and to have had the opportunity to experience their healing energy. They are a pleasure to work with and put me at ease immediately. I came away feeling lighter and my spirit refreshed. It was like having a massage for my soul!  I can't thank them enough!  

E.L.  Psychologist, California, USA  




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