The Soul Sherpa™ is your Navigator

The Soul Sherpa is your Personal Navigator     

The Soul Sherpa will guide your way safely... 

... and shine light into the darkness so you can see further and travel faster with Confidence, Vision and Certainty. 

The Soul Sherpa™ is your coach on the Spiritual Ascent™ of the entrepreneur.  Because your journey can be like a mountain climbing adventure through the highs and lows of challenges, dangers, blocks & obstructions, ups and downs over hills and valleys and cliffs, easy paths, beautiful vistas and summits, and the triumphs of glorious accomplishment. 


You know how successful entrepreneurs (or startups) can sometimes feel:

  • Stagnant. Bored.
  • Like you need to pivot
  • Like you've hit a growth plateau or revenue ceiling

You've tried everything! Strategies, tactics, marketing and sales approaches, affirmations, tapping, meditation, journaling, you've chased many shiny objects and yet nothing’s working! You're still feeling trapped, stuck and getting more desperate and stressed as the months fly by.  


Your mind is spinning, you're going into meltdown and burnout.

  • Your Big Vision has only gotten you so far, so you might need to dream even bigger to fulfill your soul mission
  • If this business doesn’t shake loose soon, you might have to (gasp!) get a soul-sucking creativity-killing 9-5 J-O-B 
  • Like in an even more horrible scenario, only if you get desperate enough, return to the hell of corporate stagnation, pressure, un-appreciation, joyless overworking and under-earning, 70-hour weeks and report to a “boss." Buh-bye independence and CEO-ship. All those dreams are headed for the very bottom of the Mariana Trench, sinking almost 7 miles underwater! 
  • You wish a bolt of lightning would strike with a flash of inspiration or the Voice of God will boom out like thunder or whisper to you on the wind…. or a rabbit will pop out of a magic top hat. (It’s been known to happen, right?)  


BUT you're doing everything right! Yet something must be wrong, so is it you? Is the Universe not responding as it should? 

The self-doubt is eating away at you... eroding your confidence and clarity. You're done with the struggle. There's got to be a better way!

Does any of this sound familiar? Then you’d probably like a solution ASAP that actually works to move the needle higher and build momentum!

Spoiler Alert:

Here’s the secret. Entrepreneurship is the fastest and most demanding route to self-development. It’s a sometimes intense path to do the inner work of self-awareness and upleveling your vibration. 

Even if you're an "accidental entrepreneur" you've chosen this path on a deeper soul-guided level. 

Cynthia Makris
"Diane gave me insight into my business, opened up possibilities for the expansion of everything I do."

Tim A. Marsh
Forensic Construction Consultant,
"Working with Diane is like starting with a muddy stream and she makes the water flow smooth and crystal clear so you can see the grains of sand at the bottom.”

Linda Rowntree
Intuitive TLC Life Coach, Energy Healer, .
"I want to thank you for your gentle energy, and the way you connected with me and spoke to me, you encouraged me to find my own answers through your suggestions. Thank you."

There are answers, there are so many questions, and they’re all within you.

As corny as that sounds, it’s true.

Sorry to break the news, but if you desire heart-led, soul-aligned success and abundance while being of service to others and the planet, then the inner work is inevitable, necessary and unavoidable. Yes, you can delay it for a while, but beware (or be-aware), someday it’ll come back. That's why it’s best to address the challenges when you first become consciously and mindfully aware of them. (And NO, an NDE is not the fast-track solution and panacea that people assume it to be!) 


So the question you’re probably asking is, HOW do you find these answers?

After all, if it was that easy, you could've already been a millionairess!

HOW? Ask questions, reveal the obstacles, follow the energy – and here’s the important part: discover what that energy is telling you. 

Q: And how long is this going to take, exactly?  A: It will take as long as it takes. 

Sound a bit “woo”?  Yep. Annoying but Accurate. It's a heart-centered process that requires Time, Awareness and Attention. Ultimately, it can save you tons of procrastination, delay, struggle and aggravation!  



This is the "better way" you've been looking for. 


It sounds simple. But remember, simple isn’t always easy. 

Sometimes you need a bridge to cross the gap from Here to There, where you wanna get to. 

It’s like following an invisible trail on rocky ground in the dark with no moonlight. You've got no flashlight, just your instincts and intuition. Oh yeah, watch you don’t fall off the edge of that cliff! 


How do you survive a tricky mountainous journey with the highest chance of success? With some semblance of ease? 

With a Soul Sherpa™ at your side. For speed, safety and efficiency, you need someone with expertise to lead the way. To help you build a strong bridge with solid footings and foundations. 


Soul-connected coaches, healers and experts will get unstuck as I help you:

  • Find the root cause of your fears
  • Reveal what your perception of danger is really about
  • Unearth your limiting beliefs and energy blocks
  • Hone in on why you overthink, overreact, procrastinate, feel overwhelmed and are headed for burnout 
  • Discover more of your gifts and what you truly desire
  • Make new choices and take strategic action that gives results 

As we eliminate your energy blocks, you'll gain huge momentum and achieve Next Level Soul-Aligned Success!

 Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 


What's it like to have a Soul Sherpa™ on your side? 

It's freakin' Awesome. Highly attuned intuitive coaches will uncover unexpected obstacles you'll never anticipate or find interferences that it's unlikely you'll find on your own. I've been there, done that. On a personal note, I'm so grateful these soul guide friends are in my world and together we create incredible openings and energetic expansions for the planet and each other. If this is the level of support that resonates with you, let's meet!  


Some paths to one's inner truth will meander, some are more direct going in a straight line from points A to B. In either case, The Soul Sherpa will accelerate your progress with ease, safety, focus, accuracy and efficiency. TIME is your most precious resource. Use your time wisely to reveal your soul mission more deeply and to tap into the wisdom and natural energy flows within and around you. 


One Client's results from a Mini-Soul Sherpa session:

We cleared the biggest emotional anchor that was constantly haunting her feelings and thoughts, weighing her down and holding her back from acknowledging the positive influence she was already having and the difference she was making in many clients' lives. We completely erased "imposter syndrome," "not good enough," "not doing or being enough" and released any guilt at not helping more new moms to heal their bodies and regain their physical fitness levels.

My client's energy levels shifted immediately. Her smile brightened, her stress disappeared, she looked glowingly refreshed and 4 years younger. She accelerated her momentum. As a result, she achieved her 3 - year revenue targets in 18 months. Retired her husband to work with her in her business. Moved countries to her ideal home with her family. Published her first and second books, achieved bestselling author status. She is also a TEDx Talk Presenter and a sought-after expert and speaker in her field of specialty. She continues to travel the world with her family as she enjoys both personal and business success. (name withheld) 



• I will hold you in a safe high-vibe space.
For speed, safety and efficiency, you need someone with expertise to lead the way to greater expansion and expression of your genius
• I will find the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had
You'll discover the truth of your unique gifts. Finally feel deeply seen, heard and understood.
• I will clear your energy blocks easily
The Soul Sherpa™ has the experience and skills to guide you safely through the precarious unmarked terrain of self-discovery so you can leave a legacy you can be proud of
Maria Gavriel
Transformational Coach, Author, Speaker   
"You are a powerful stand for another person's superpower, capacity and pathYour energy work is uniquely powerful, and it's helped me clean up residual, deeper blocks than I was conscious of"




 A 6-week Intensive of Private 1-on-1 Sessions. 

These customized-to-you deep-dive sessions are designed to: 

  • Assess key measures using a proven 5-Factor Method 
  • Address issues you're facing - even if they're weird 
  • Uncover root causes - even if you've tried many things before and nothing changed 
  • Clear away energy blocks forever - even if you've done all the mindset stuff 
  • Resolve issues and fears - even if they've come back again and again  
  • Restore peace of mind and heart - even if it seems a million miles away 
  • Identify proactive next steps that will improve your progress - even if you've been stuck in a rut

We’ll use the Soul Sherpa System™ to clear and resolve blocks around topics such as:

  • Fears, doubt, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, decision fatigue, burnout, being enough 
  • Relationships, emotions, trauma, healing, health, self-care, the inner child, overgiving 
  • Money, abundance, scarcity, lack, receiving, gratitude, gifts, choices, rewards, freedom, 
  • Safety, embodiment, value, self-worth, visibility, leadership, success, failure, rejection  
  • Family patterns, ancestral cycles, feminine, masculine, boundaries  
  • Connection to Earth, Source/Creator/God, intuition, soul, spirit, body; mind/heart/ego   

You'll gain Clarity, Certainty, Confidence and forward momentum.

You'll step into the inner alignment and Freedom to Create with more ease and joy:

  • Success on your terms that you so richly deserve:
    • write a book, give a TEDx talk, make 100K and give to worthy causes, leave a legacy, lead a movement? 
    • have time, fun, location and financial freedom with family, have amazing health and relationships, travel, connect with nature? 
  • Abundance and Freedom to live the life of your dreams by aligned design and intention, not by accident or chance 
  • Ease and spaciousness, lightness and joy 
  • Peace in mind, heart, body, soul and spirit 
  • A deeper connection with your self and greater intimacy with loved ones 
  • Profound gratitude and acknowledgment of your gifts, worth, trust, value and unique contribution 
  • The ability to leave a legacy, give back to the community and donate to causes close to your heart 


*Note: due to the high-touch intensive nature of this bespoke individualized program, Space is extremely limited. 


It's an honor and privilege to support soul-led entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives in the journey toward success, freedom, impact and fulfillment. 


Are you ready to bet on yourself? Yes? If not now, when? As the proverb says, the best time to plant a tree was 50 years ago. The second best time is Now.

Who or What are you waiting for? (....we can look at that on our call, if you like.)


Connect with Diane and learn more about the Soul Sherpa™ Program, schedule your call here. 


"it’s best to address the challenges when you first become consciously and mindfully aware of them." Diane Ho-Lung, The Soul Sherpa™