Celebrate You! Vision Board Experience

Create Clarity With Your Intentions 

Being, Doing, Having

Do you ever dream of vacations where you can simply BE in the moment, relaxed and at ease?

And yet, we seem so busy and distracted every day, DOING a huge variety of things.

We also have ideas about what we'd like to HAVE in our lives... someday...   

How often do we find moments to sit quietly with those thoughts?

What if you could easily connect to your dreams and... 

explore what lights you up and makes your heart sing


A Vision Board is more than just slapping a picture onto a poster board,

it aligns what you see in your mind's eye with what you create in 3-D.

It's about your talents and heart and gifts and things you enjoy.

This is about getting clear on your authentic desires,

then letting go of what’s in the way

and connecting with your inspiration.   

Will you step into this one-day experience? 


When's the last time you allowed yourself the space to dream? 

Will you give yourself the gift of a day to connect and align with you?


Explore what you'd like to BE, DO or HAVE in your life 

  • What would you like to Be more of... grateful, present, relaxed, energized...  
  • What would you like to Do...  take walks, run a marathon, learn to paint watercolors, attend concerts, relax on a beach... 
  • What would you like to Have more of ... creating memories with family, adventures in faraway places, greater success in business, harmony, fun...


    You're invited to the Celebrate You! Vision Board Experience 

... create a Vision Board that's aligned with your heart!

 You'll Have:

  • Clarity on what you really desire 
  • Awareness of subconscious beliefs 
  • Specifics on how affirmations and the Law of Attraction really work
  • Easy tools to clear any natural “guck” that tend to keep you stuck
  • A light-hearted day of breathing room and dream-time. (The very thing you keep saying you’ll give yourself but never do!)

   You're worth it!    

  • Date:  Saturday, February 8, 2020           Time:  10:00 am - 4:00 pm             Registration 9:45 a.m. 
  • Location:  McCowan Road & 16th Avenue, Unionville, (Toronto) ON  L3P 7J9          
  • Text/Mobile:   416-728-8573   
  • Cost:  $167       To Register, email   info@dianeholung.com  and include"Vision Board" in the subject line.
    • Questions? Let's chat!  : -) 

NOTE:   For our playful day together, there are 10 spaces available.  

Diane's "Creative Day" Guarantee:  By the first coffee break, if this experience is not for you, I'll happily give you a 100% refund.


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