3 Must-Have Energy Tools (Home)

Do you ever find yourself avoiding crowded places? 

You might even wonder, "Gosh, I just want my life back, can I just be 'normal'?"

You've probably encountered these challenges: 

You feel great at home, but when you have to go out, you:  

  • get stressed and anxious in random places - at the office, the mall, the gym or the grocery store
  • dread leading team meetings, even though you love your work or business, plus you're on your way to burnout 
  • have fun at events with clients (or out with family) but you quickly feel tired and drained 
  • plan excursions and meetings to the minute and calculate how much time to interact, based on the recovery time you know you'll need 

In other words, you're in a constant never-ending exhausting battle!  It seems totally unavoidable. 


Well, there's Good News!

There’s a fresh and different way for you to boldly claim your freedom and get your life back! You can get everything done in your day and Go Anywhere You Like With Ease & Confidence using The 3 Must-Have Energy Tools tTake Charge of Your Personal Space. 

And it’s different from the common approaches you’re likely familiar with because this is new information for most people. You'll be surprised at how fast the 3 Must-Have Energy Tools will work for you as a proven method to Take Charge of Your Personal Space.   


Here's the thing. You're in a very real, very tough situation for sensitives and empaths.

It's a high-stress dilemma, no doubt about it. 

There's the huge heartfelt urge to go out with colleagues and loved ones, but there's also a desperate need to balance that beautiful connection you crave so deeply with the painful price you'll inevitably pay - emotionally, physically and energetically. As a consequence, you feel isolated, conflicted, alone and cut off, unwilling (unable) to freely do the things you enjoy, unwilling to pay the heavy price to "hang out" with friends, family and peers. 

Very few understand why "you're so anti-social." They often misjudge you. It might hurt your feelings. But if you explain your decision you come across as shy and uncertain, definitely not as a strong role model or a leader simply managing your inner resources.

Frankly, you're tired of being misunderstood, but you offer the usual platitudes anyway: "I'm a bit of an introvert. I'm a home-body. The dog needs to go out. I have another commitment. I have a meeting to prep for. My mom/ neighbor / babysitter/ cat needs a ride."

On top of all that, it's not just colleagues and casual acquaintances, sometimes it's your partner, friends and family who just don't get it. Especially at big occasions like weddings, anniversaries, company functions, Christmas, Thanksgiving, barbecues, recitals, pool parties, vacations, baseball and football games. All the usual social and business events. They can't possibly understand. This is survival for you, your health and well-being are at stake. You're so tired of making excuses and missing out on life.


Listen. It's NOT your fault! There's a simple answer: 

You've never been given the right tools to manage the things that affect your energy field. 

Not many "get it", or realize just how big a challenge it can sometimes be, to be intuitive, empathic and sensitive to energy.

Who knew it would be so hard to be heart-centered, loving, driven, ambitious, successful AND sociable!  


As you’ll see, The 3 Must-Have Energy Tools are quick, effective and easy to use. 

Best of all, these proven tools don’t require years of training or therapy. You won't end up thinking you're incurably anxious or introverted just because there's no explanation for the discomfort you feel. Plus, you won't be asked to recall painful memories to "get to the root of the problem" which never seems to solve it anyway!   

This is a practical, common-sense solution that you're gonna love to implement because you'll feel the difference! You'll gain the skills to manage your energy field so you can be YOU, more of the time.

This 9-page guide reveals the 3 Must-Have Tools that will work even if:  

  • you've tried meditation and healing modalities before, and you're lousy at it 
  • you consider yourself intuitive, or not intuitive at all (i.e. "dense as a rock")
  • you can sense, hear, see, or feel energy, or see or talk to angels or spirit guides - or not at all! 

In other words, it's similar to using a pen. You don't need to know how to make the ink, you just write with it. 

So, if you want to discover a way that can help you to really, finally get to the root of  what might be causing the "energy drain" issues, you've simply gotta get this guide and use the Tools.


Ever wonder what's really going on when you "pick up icky energies"? 

Here's the scoop. Your aura extends about 5 or 6 feet all around you (about 2 meters). Every living thing has an energy field, and everything is energy. (Just ask Einstein.) The vibrations of your feelings and voice and expressions go through this personal energy field. Your laughter, conversation, information, positive and negative vibes flow through easily. It's how you communicate.

AND it's a two-way street.  

What might surprise you is the aura can 'pick up" or absorb feelings from others. So when you're empathic, often it's other people's "stuck & yucky" energy that makes you tired and drains the spunk out of you. And as you know so well, the icky  energies can take a long while to fade away. UNLESS you use the 3 Must-Have Tools!! Or similar techniques. Let me explain. 

For you beautifully aware "sensitive souls" (cue "Hakuna Matata", Disney 's The Lion King song)  you probably notice subtle and forceful energies very acutely.

Here's a common scenario - you pop out for a quick coffee and dessert only to find yourself barely able to drag yourself home, feeling drained, reluctantly flaked out on the sofa for hours, waiting to feel re-energized. Already you're dreading the dinner party later that night. And it's only 3 in the afternoon, for gosh sake! Spoiler alert: you're going to diminish - or completely eliminate - that reaction, if you use these 3 Tools. 

As a result of your sensitivity, are you tired of feeling stuck, yucky, deprived and drained?

You've been suffering in silence. You're totally alone, nothing's worked, the family or partner doesn't understand. So you finally give in, submit, stop fighting a losing battle. You figure they must be right, all the experts agree, you must be an introvert with high anxiety levels. Maybe it even runs in the family. (Aren't there stories of a great-great-grand-aunt or -uncle?) 

So, for the rest of your life, in order to cope, to survive, you'll just have to be highly selective in your social and daily activities. For how long? For forever. And then you learn complicated coping strategies. And maybe you find somewhat helpful solutions and tactics from  doctors, holistic therapies, conventional and alternative treatment modalities.   

But nothing really works! You're so tired of being misunderstood and misjudged as an antisocial loner. But maybe they're right. After all, what options do you have? Your big dream really is to live an isolated life on a tiny remote deserted island with a few loved ones (maybe 😊 ) , Internet, grocery delivery and cell service!  

*Note:  Consult healthcare practitioners as required and recommended.



Are you ready to claim your freedom? 


Get the 3 Must-Have Energy Tools and implement these simple, effective methods right away. 


If you're not familiar with energy tools it's TOTALLY not your fault, as managing your personal space isn't taught in schools. But it should be! It's a skillset that increases self-worth and independence. Bonus benefit: you'll make big and small decisions in life with more clarity and confidence. 


Are you ready to Change Your Life? Use the 3 Must-Have Energy Tools to Take Charge of Your Aura so you can Enjoy the Freedom to Go Anywhere You Like With Ease & Confidence!

Remember to put the Tools into practice. (e.g. mornings, in meetings, when you walk the dog, in conversation, when you journal or contemplate.) 

Use the 3 Must-Have Energy Tools to easily:

  • empower yourself to be free from anxiety, tension and overwhelm 
  • feel energized and in control, and minimize rest and recovery time 
  • tap into your heart-centered intuition
  • confidently make life and business decisions 
  • keep your aura clean, light, expanded 
  • reduce friction and gain clarity, joy and harmony in relationships
  • feel more certain, grounded and in touch with your heart and intuition


  • go where you wanna go
  • be with whomever you choose 
  • have the impact, influence, income and success you desire
  • enjoy parties, business functions, dinners, socials, even delight in being the host  
  • feel clear-headed during meetings in-person and online, or speaking at conferences
  • stay relaxed, resourceful, confident and calm, able to quickly bring yourself to center  
  • get to sleep at night feeling fulfilled and at peace in your heart, soul, mind and body

Your sense of connection will no longer carry such a heavy price.  

You'll be more yourself, more of the time! 

Most importantly, this inner peace, lightness, joy, freedom, confidence and self-assurance will grow and ripple out to others. 

Your positive influence will expand, making the world a better place. You'll finally create the legacy you dream of.


Are you ready to Be Empowered and Claim Your Freedom? Get your life back!

Get the FREE Guide HERE to the 3 Must-Have Energy Tools to Take Charge of Your Aura (& Your Life) & Enjoy the Freedom to Go Anywhere You Like With Ease & Confidence. Reclaim your personal space and be YOU more of the time! Get it HERE.

 p.s. Questions? I'd be delighted to walk you through the tools and show how they'll easily work for you!  Here's my schedule link.  

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To Take Charge of Your Personal Space, Discover the 3 Must-Have Energy Tools. 

3 Must-Have Energy Tools to Take Charge of Your Aura

& Enjoy the Freedom to Go Anywhere With Ease & Confidence!

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