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Take a snapshot of your life...  

get a Selfie on Paper!

Modern life can seem overwhelming, there's a lot going on. Do you ever think:  

"If I could get a bird's eye view, I'd get clarity on what requires attention that will move me powerfully forward!"

Now you can.  Simply download the Free Wheel of Life Worksheet.

Get this strategy tool so you can: 

  • Quickly assess and 'check-up'  on various areas of your life
  • Focus on what you'd like  to create and change 
  • Use a visual chart  of how interconnected your life is
  • Gain an objective, overall view  of how you feel about things
  • Set a more precise direction  using the GPS of your dreams 
  • Choose 1 or 2 priorities  that will enrich and empower you
  • Get clarity and results  by taking inspired action
  • MAKE THE SHIFT!  Course correct  using your updated inner GPS
  • Build on your Successes. Celebrate!

Rinse And Repeat!

Challenges and priorities change over time. Create a new Wheel of Life once or twice a year to chart your progress. Are you achieving the results you desire? Did you strengthen that area you prioritized, perhaps relationships, business, health?  Are you feeling more fulfilled? 

       'Clarity leads to power.' (Robert Kiyosaki)  Perhaps you're doing better than you thought in some of the areas on the wheel. Acknowledge and celebrate your wins!   

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More About Coaching

Successful athletes engage coaches so they can excel and win. 

Coaching is a process of learning combined with strategic action.

The Wheel of Life exercise is one specific tool. With greater awareness of how we feel about what's going well and what isn't working, it allows us a clear bird's eye view into what areas to focus on. It also reminds us to be thankful for our many blessings.  

Stuck in a rut ... and ready to get out!

This overview perspective is immensely useful in revealing new priorities. One strategic action people take is to invest in self-growth. They decide to stop spinning their wheels in the familiar, comfortable ruts they've been stuck in forever. They're tired of getting nowhere fast, getting the same ol' same old results. Instead, they actively seek to open new doorways to possibilities and to move forward by doing something different,. They choose to develop their strengths, gifts and talents. 

Is now the time?

The subconscious is said to comprise 90% of our limitations and the (tiny) remaining 10% are the thought patterns we are consciously aware of. This means, we can give voice to only 10% of our thoughts. You're probably saying to yourself, "I've tried everything. 90% of my ideas and patterns are subconscious? No wonder I can't seem to get past what holds me back." 

In many situations, you know exactly what you'd like to achieve. However, you seem to avoid and procrastinate and then other priorities somehow show up. As a result, this important goal is neglected and collects dust in the corner of your mental filing cabinet. This is a clue that there's something going on below the level of your cognitive thought. What if the things you say you desire could actually match what showed up? 

Teamwork has its Benefits

Are you ready to clear those limitations? Limiting beliefs, our coping strategies and even old traumas can affect us on many levels. Many techniques create lasting change. However, hiring a coach is known to be quicker and more effective than going it alone. Someone else can see your emotional, mental and physical patterns from a different perspective so together, you can overcome the subconscious blocks way more easily.. 

An energy clearing facilitator will amplify and increase your results so you can move forward with greater confidence, joy, determination and success.


Will you choose it?  Will you make The Paradigm Shift to empower your Self to be aligned with the inner core and essence of you? 

This is the greatest adventure - the discovery of the inner Authentic Aligned You. 


Wouldn't it create more possibilities to have a guide on this journey?  

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Diane is The Business Accelerator Coach, the Co-Founder of Beyond The Words, facilitates groups and private clients, and hosts Vision Board workshops. She is also an Access The Bars Practitioner.   

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