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Are you struggling to get clients, fill programs and build a following? Do you  second guess the decisions you've made while trying to double and triple your income? Are you revving your engine but your brakes are stuck?    

It's Weird. Puzzling. Frustrating. Right?

You bet it is. You're a  passionate heart-centered female entrepreneur whose clients have amazing transformations. You love what you do. You've created moments where possibility met preparedness and things simply "fell into place". You've had lots of wins and know you can achieve your goals.  

But there's so much to do before you feel you've succeeded. So what's holding you back?

It feels like you're in first gear about to take off, but the brakes of doubt and uncertainty are sticking and not releasing completely. It's these brakes that are holding you back. It seems that almost every time you get going and pick up speed, gathering a little momentum, you hit a plateau and then you slow down. Again. Aaarrgghhhh!

Sound familiar? You question yourself. You hesitate. Sure, evaluating your strategies and tactics are healthy and necessary.

But this is different. You wonder:

  •  "What if I had ... "
  •  "I'm doing it wrong!"
  •  "I should have started my business 5 years ago ..."
  •  "I can't seem to get it right  I can help way more people, but ... "
  •  "I should be making way more money... "
  •  "If only I had more confidence / training ... "
  •  "I'm not techie, but if I was .... "
  •  "I love to do X but my dad said to do Y. It's too late to change tracks now...."

Revealing Hidden Resistance 

What do you mean, resistance?

If you're like most people, there's a familiar recurring thought that keeps haunting you.

That thing you should have done different.

It creates this sense of hesitation and self-doubt that you brush off and keep submerged -- just below the surface of the brave face you present to the world, as you keep on doing what you're doing.

That thing, that recurring doubt, is what your resistance and hesitation is all about. 

That's the thing that's making your brakes stick, that's slowing you down at the start of the journey.


In fact, all this looking backward and wondering what you could have done better or differently is a huge energy drain. To carry the analogy further, it's like burning gasoline while you're idling and going nowhere fast. To make matters worse, looking toward the past prevents you from focusing 100% on the present moment.

Even more important, creation (and gratitude) occurs in the present, in the Now.

This means when you're dragging baggage from the past around with you, it's a challenge to bring energy and focus into creation mode. If your foot's on the brake, you can't accelerate.

Imagine if you could clear your mind and stay fully present and attentive in the moment... your genius zone...

.... would product creation be more fun? Might generating sales and income be more enjoyable for you and your colleagues?

You know the zone - when you're in you're creatively inspired and time falls away, when you look up and half the day's gone - and omg good thing you didn't miss anything important!

Imagine being able to schedule in blocks of uninterrupted creativity time, maybe one morning a month to start with so you can work on your business, Then build up to a creative (tropical beach? skiing?) week per quarter and not have you worried that your business will fall apart without you.

Imagine that it felt easy and natural to be in the creative energy of Flow, Harmony, Fun and Gratitude!

You can make this a reality!

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What if business acceleration felt smooth and easy....

You're an entrepreneur connected to your intuition 

You believe in the power of authenticity, kindness, truth, joy and gratitude. You love to give, and you're getting better at receiving. You're on the inner journey of self-discovery and awareness. You might journal, meditate, practice yoga, get regular massages and Reiki sessions, do energy healing or coach clients. Family, relationship and connection are important to you. Your business is a way for you to support others and share your message. You're passionate about bringing more light into the world and being of service to the planet. 

There's just one problem. 

You know what you need to do and what your next strategic steps are, but something gets in the way. 

You know, that thing we talked about earlier. That doubt, that hesitation.

You already have coping mechanisms in place to deal with it. But the truth is, coping mechanisms don't address underlying fears and insecurities, some of which you might not even be aware of.

Do you: 

  • Procrastinate
  • Second guess
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Pursue perfection
  • Chase shiny objects  
  • Spend endless hours at your laptop
  • Not engage new customers
  • Miss your financial targets
  • Delay the launch of new products
  • Secretly resent losing precious family time
  • Wonder how to generate more income
  • Have (excellent) reasons and excuses
  • Wish that things would just "fall into place"

What if these are just symptoms of what's really going on?

What if those sluggish sticking brakes were a clue to what's holding you back!

Wouldn't you like to have more ease with making the vision of your future a reality?

Systems, strategies, skills and tools are important and you have them interspersed throughout your never-ending ever-growing To-Do list. Along with a multitude of action steps to achieve the goals that all the gurus and experts and authors and influencers say you need to accomplish.

But have you also considered...

What holds you back is often hidden below your conscious awareness. And with it is buried treasure. There's a treasure? Yes. For sure. Gems of your gifts and talents that haven't yet been fully recognized nor utilized are simply waiting too be revealed. 

But you've already tried everything, your inside voice says, and things get better, but only for a while and then you gradually slide into those old patterns again. Those darn brakes just can't seem to get fixed. Maybe I should give up the car completely! 

But in your heart you know you can't give up. You won't give up. You'll never quit.

And what if you don't really have to give up. Maybe it's just a tweak that's needed or you could actually be at a pivot point. Wouldn't it be great to say: "Been there, done that. And I got past that hurdle. Told you I could do it. Told you I could hit those goals. Told you I could accelerate and take off down the highway!"

Definitely, for sure, things can change for the better. The world needs your light and your message!


What if there's a solution?

What if you can finally eliminate energy-draining patterns, trust your decisions, tune into your inner GPS, accelerate your progress, and get the results you've been looking for!

The backsliding (and brake-sticking) will occur less often and less intensely. You'll be empowered with tools and skills to triumph over these familiar gremlins of doubt, fear, struggle and insecurity. Soon the sticky brakes will simply be a distant memory of how your business used to be as you impact more people's lives. You'll gain confidence, self-assurance and a deeper connection to your heart and spirit. 

You can get clarity and guidance to:

  • Access your inner knowing
  • Feel confident in your strategic plans
  • Deliver services aligned with the GPS of your vision 
  • Eliminate uncertainty and course correct with ease
  • Achieve accelerated success, income and freedom
  • Expand your reach and influence
  • Give back to the world in a bigger way 
  • Fulfill your mission and grow your tribe 
  • Create the freedom lifestyle of your dreams 

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Free your creative spirit, accelerate your growth and Be Unstoppable!

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"Be Unstoppable! 5 Essential Keys to Create Impact and Income"

This 1-year private program of 1-on-1 sessions is customized  for you, the dynamic heart-centered entrepreneur! Solve challenges, attract clients you love, clear limiting beliefs, reveal hidden talents and be empowered to express your gifts with authenticity and confidence. Unleash your inner potency so you can have the income, impact and success you desire.

Book your complimentary Business Accelerator Breakthrough Session today!  

To support you to accomplish this, the program focuses primarily on 5 key areas:  

  •  Clarify and align direction and vision
  •  Strategize actions
  •  Upgrade skills
  •  Optimize environment
  •  Master mindset

With Business Acceleration as the theme, areas such as Relationships, Money, Business, Well-being and other aspects of everyday life are addressed during the one-year program. This program is about you! 

The sessions will allow an inner alignment of heart, mind and spirit as you:

  • Connect to your vision and purpose with crystal clarity
  • Feel more empowered to take aligned action
  • Have complete confidence and integrity with sales
  • Release outdated patterns and beliefs
  • Express your unique superpowers  
  • Make choices aligned with your heart 
  • Handle tricky or difficult situations with grace
  • Grow your team and clientele
  • Implement skills and strategies and achieve goals
  • Accelerate business growth, income and profits
  • Gain creative momentum and live your mission 
  • Express the authentic inner you with joy and celebration


Harness your limitless energy and enthusiasm in the now, so you can grow your business and live your life on purpose, with the joy of being on the creative edge!


Enroll today in "Be Unstoppable! 5 Essential Keys to Create Impact and Income" - Gain clarity and re-ignite the vision that got you started as an entrepreneur in the first place!

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Here's the thing.

You might be wondering, "Is this program for me? I can make it on my own, I know I can. But why is it so hard?"

Shouldn't life be easier? 

You're right. It should be. Life should be a lot easier.

Ultimately, if life on planet Earth was perfect, everything would be easier. In theory anyway.

You'd be aware of who you truly are from birth - an aware, intelligent being. You'd be able to express your nature with joy throughout your life surrounded by others who were joyful and fulfilled, using their talents and contributing to society and the world. Your families and teachers would have guided you throughout your formative years with kindness, harmony, compassion, encouragement and understanding as they expressed their own truths with honesty, grace and integrity.

Alas, sadly, that's usually not the case. Instead, you probably encountered confusing and conflicting emotions and logic, messages of love, joy, success, happiness and support as well as conflict, criticism, judgment, suppression, sadness, failure and loss. Typically, most people also were not shown how to deal with emotions like pain, failure, winning or losing, shock, betrayal, how to nurture relationships in ways that honor both themselves and others, nor how to heal the situations in their lives. 

And even if your journey was wonderful and amazing and nurturing and white picket fence, there would still be more to do!

Did you know that in general, the vast majority of the impressions and impacts that shape and run your life are not in your conscious awareness. Instead, unless you've done some inner work, and if you're reading this you probably have, the subconscious is "in charge' up to 90% of the time.

Still, if you make choices from the heart and take others into consideration as you go through life, you've probably given far more than you've realized and affected people in positive ways that you don't even know about.

Life is about contribution

Contribution shows up in a myriad of ways, or said another way, in many types of energy flows. As you know, everything is energy. That's why Einstein's e=mc2 formula and quantum physics have become so famous.(Google it for more info)

That's also the basis for the sayings like "what you send out comes back ten-fold", "where your focus goes, your energy flows".

The truth is, just by simply being you, you contribute your energy to the world. You being you is the center of a ripple that sends waves out into the universe.

You being you in business is really why you got into business in the first place, right?

Bottom line is that being accomplishes more than doing. But there's a caveat to that. Being and doing absolutely nothing, taking no physical action, changes the world if you're the Dalai Lama or a highly evolved guru in an Indian ashram or someone like that.

For us regular folks, doing that's guided from a place of being is the ultimate journey.

Then we'll have what brings us joy and fulfillment.

The unknown factor is time. 

The journey of life is about expressing your heart, soul and spirit and revealing who you truly are at your core essence. The degree and depth of this exploration has a huge range that varies with your age and experiences, the choices you make over time, and how much you've discovered about how to resolve conflicts and issues. 

At some point, this inner pursuit might become a bigger focus on what you endeavor to do on a daily basis to achieve peace within yourself.

And this focus includes your business. It's a natural overflow. As a holistic being, at some point, it becomes imperative that how you run your business on the outside reflects the increasing harmony and clarity you're achieving on the inside. 

The adventure of life and living is about desire.

The trick is to connect with your awareness of who you truly are, who you're being in the moment. Then you connect with what you  truly desire that makes your heart sing, that you enjoy doing, that you'd do even if you didn't get paid for it because you love it so much and it's so easy you think no-one would ever value it and pay you for it.

Because chances are, it's not basketball or tennis or high-stakes poker or acting in movies or an Olympic sport!

So what do you truly desire that lights up your soul?

And if you're not entirely sure, that's a great place to start. And it can be a short list or a long list, there's no right or wrong way here. It's okay to be a multi-focus multi-creative individual. (Phew! It's a good thing, right?)

And depending on who you are and how you operate in the world, it might be okay for you to do a couple things at the same time, or maybe you'll get better results by building on a single gift or talent and then adding a second one later.

The real question is: Is there a gap? How much do you want to figure out or be shown how to close the gap between what you desire, any conflicting ideas or emotions or judgments that pop up, and the choices you make and actions you take - or don't take - to achieve those dreams and desires.

And still remain in your integrity and wholeness and honor yourself and others and their journeys.

Does this make sense to you?

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you're on a mission to create positive change in the world.

Somehow, though, as you pursue your dreams and desires, even through all life's experiences  - good and bad, happy and sad, uplifting and traumatic, easy and tough - you've held on to the capacity for love, that spark of joy in your heart, your honesty and integrity and the knowing that life is supposed to be different.

There's got to be more to life.

It's almost a mantra. You're correct. And there is.

There's so much more to life. More to do, more to create, more to experience and enjoy. 

The truth is, you're searching. Searching for a way to express the you on the inside, looking for a way that reflects the truth of you rather than what's true for others. Searching for a way that feels safe - that feels safe enough to not capsize the boat of your comfortable and convenient life. And yet, you also want it to be a way that feels fulfilling and adventurous and fun.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us."  Marianne Williamson

You are powerful beyond measure.

As you connect to your guidance and intuitive knowing, it gets easier to align the inner you with who you're becoming. The further you go on the inner journey the simpler it will become to align the inner you with the outer reality of your outward expression.

At your core nature, you have a heart of gold, filled with love and joy, vibrant artistry and talent, kindness and generosity, gratitude for life and those you love. The challenge is that life and society's judgments and patterns get in the way of expressing this true nature.

The journey is to easily and safely recognize and release those limiting experiences, memories and trauma.

The result of reconnecting to your true nature is that, over time, you'll express yourself with more freedom in an exuberant, triumphant, fully alive and enthused-to-be-alive kind of way! 

What's next?

What steps will lead you to feel this creativity and flow and engagement with life? We all have hopes and dreams.

One challenge is to check in and find out whether this is your dream or someone else's. A good start is to become aware of your gifts and talents, what you're here to do, who you're here to support and assist in an optimal way and what's in the way of you achieving your dreams and goals in a manner that honors you and others. 

The outer world, the environment that surrounds you, often reflects what is or is not in flow, what's working well and what's not. It can show you what's preventing or blocking the flow of your inner alignment.

When you're in the zone, you're truly in creative flow. In everyday activities when you're in flow, plans and activities go smoothly with ease. There's mental and emotional clarity and a sense of being present in the moment. Any challenges are taken care of with very little effort.

That's a worthwhile target, to have more of your days be in aligned flow with harmony and productivity, where it's easy to see challenges as they arise and arrive at decisions and solutions that align with your heart and your vision. 


Enroll today in "Be Unstoppable! 5 Essential Keys to Create Impact and Income" - Gain clarity and re-ignite the vision that got you started as an entrepreneur in the first place!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will these focus areas be enough? I have lots of insecurities.  Answer:  In the "Be Unstoppable! 5 Keys to Create Impact and Income" Program,  a wide range of topics will be addressed including skills, mindset and overcoming challenges. Diane will facilitate and teach you effective, pragmatic tools so you can notice and clear away patterns of insecurity on your own. As you pointed out, everyone has many potential insecurities and like peeling an onion, layers are often revealed. Whatever shows up for you, this program will enable you to go farther, get  better results faster and with more peace of mind.

Q. What's it like to work with Diane?   Answer:  Often  the first thing clients say is that Diane is light-hearted and calm and creates a space of ease and safety. No muss, no fuss, no drama, definitely humor and lots of laughter. And things change!  Here's what clients have said about their results.

Q.  What other programs are available?   Answer:  To find out more about these options Book a Breakthrough Session with Diane.

  •  "Be Unstoppable - 5 Essential Keys to Create Impact and Income" is a deep dive, 12-month Business Accelerator program.
  •  Clearing Intensives  
  •  VIP Days  -  limited availability
  •  July 2019 -   Group Program, 4-months. Stay tuned for details.
  •  Business AcceleratorsVIP Mastermind will be launched in late 2019.

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Diane Ho-Lung, The Business Accelerator Coach

Diane is practical and down-to-earth. Her calm easy-going style allows clients to hone in on what's really at the core of their business and lifestyle challenges as she supports them to gain clarity, reveal solutions and discover their inner wisdom. She invites strategic alignment on many levels of being including physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and creative. Diane uses her natural abilities and intuition to facilitate and guide heart-centered entrepreneurs to have more joy, freedom and ease with creating a business, life and living beyond their wildest dreams.



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Diane gave me insight into my business, opened up possibilities for the expansion of everything I do

Hi! Diane Ho-Lung is a magnificent Access facilitator. In a short telephone conversation, she gave me more insight into my business than I had had at any time before. She also opened up BIG possibilities for the expansion of everything I do as if they were the most logical steps in the world. Diane has vision and, most of all, she asks questions, so that your own truth comes out. Without imposing any of her own points of view, she has an uncanny knack for setting free the big, outrageous places your business could go and where it would like to go. I highly recommend working with her if you are interested in expanding your horizons.    
 Cynthia Makris, Soprano, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

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