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Diane Ho-Lung - The Paradigm Shift Facilitator                                                  

Achieve your next level of growth and lead your community to make a bigger impact in the world.                  

Transformational leaders often need a bridge from where they are now to becoming unstoppable as they fulfill their missions.



I work with Changemakers 

Leaders.  Healers.  Heart-centered Visionaries.

You're making a positive impact 

You inspire people to create more in their lives, your clients get results and your tribe is growing. 

 You're finally making a real difference! 

And you're being called to do more   

You take inspired action that's aligned with your heart 

You're doing everything your mentors say you should. You run your calendar like a pro, manage your team, celebrate successes. Your high-performance self-care and meditation routines are working. You're grateful for all you've accomplished.

...but something's just out of reach. There's another step you have to take.

So what's that step, exactly?

It's puzzling and sometimes frustrating. What's the missing piece that would make an even bigger difference for the world?  


Diane offers a different framework to discover that next step 

for changemakers who are ready, who are preparing to make a paradigm shift. 

Exactly. Like. You. 

Are you being kicked into your BIG AS* MISSION?   

Are you being called to expand your bandwidth so the larger scope won't freak you out?   


It's time to bridge the gap

and step into the Expanded Vision that your work is demanding of you

Are you ready to do the inner work 

to transcend subconscious limitations and blocks achieve new targets, new levels, be even more visible 

embrace your superpowers 

so you can accomplish your larger mission with ease,

sending out larger ripples and changing more lives.

Are you ready to step into a deeper level of discovery? 

Collaborate with Diane and reveal your deeper capacities and gifts!

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 What's in the way of that unstoppable force that bubbles up inside of you? 


Do you have recurring, haunting thoughts that sound like rational sensible questions ... Or are they actually clues to the subconscious ideas that hold you back?

These if-only's, should-haves and could-haves often sound like simple 20/20 hindsight.  

If only.... I had followed my dream and started 2, 3, 7 years ago, what huge impact could I have made by now?  

If only... I'd found my mission and vision sooner .... I hadn't wasted all that time.. I'd have created 6-figure launches. 

What if..... I hadn't missed those opportunities, made those stupid mistakes.... I didn't have money hangups...


If only.... Life wasn't a guessing game...  it was easy to follow my intuition ....  I knew exactly what to do next ....I could trust myself more... and transform more lives! 

If Only I Didn't Doubt Myself... 

Good news! There is a way out of this endless circle of self-doubt. 

My Target:

You'll become more of you  

Gain greater awareness of your inner guidance.  Tap into your creative capacities and gifts.  Step more fully into your knowing. 

You'll lead yourself and others with greater confidence and certainty, connect more deeply with your inner essence and gain the freedom to create a more expansive future.  


Are you ready to have more ease and grace with: 

  • Making aligned choices that build forward momentum    
  • Standing in your Presence 
  • Expressing your heart-centered values, talents and capacities 
  • Owning your Genius, Superpowers and Brilliance  
  • The ability to be more visible, stand out and speak up  
  • Growing your community and making a bigger impact in the world 


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Be the powerful leader in your vision of the future, connected to the potency of you, creating an abundant, harmonious future for everyone on the planet and for the Earth itself.


You're in the right place. Let's have a conversation.

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Since your mission as a leader is to create a better world, you must succeed.  To use an old saying, No man is an island.

  • Throughout history, powerful leaders have always had visionaries, wayseers or shamans helping them with their vision and pathway forward.  
  • Wayseers can see what is within you that is waiting to be brought forward and embodied and actioned. 
  • Olympic athletes endeavor to win the Gold Medal in their sport. They absolutely get a coach.  Without a coach, their chance of winning Gold is a Big. Fat. ZERO.  
  • Are you willing to have an elite athlete's advantage?  Or are you playing small and holding yourself back. 
  • Conquer the inner game so you can be the best possible expression of you with the best chance of success.. 

Are you determined to give yourself the winning edge and change the world? 


Lead your tribe toward the vision you are destined to fulfill so you can express your heart and spirit's calling. 

 Are you ready for the shift? Say Yes to You! Your tribe is waiting.  


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Experience the change 

There are many ways to clear energetic blocks and move toward the future. Work with Diane to eliminate old baggage and stuck energy patterns, so you can have greater freedom in the moment with a sense of lightness, curiosity and discovery.

The result? You become attuned to your inner knowing, and begin to create the future from the energy of question and inviting possibilities. 

Step into your knowing, create from a space of being aligned with who you ARE, a conscious social entrepreneur, a leader creating the future of the planet. Your community is waiting. 

 Be the Leader who IS the difference in the world!

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Diane's intuitive insights and dynamic, direct yet gentle style are seamlessly blended with hands-on and energetic modalities. She works with groups and private clients, hosts Vision Board workshops and teaches Access The Bars.

As Co-Founder of Beyond The Words, Diane combines her love of words and energy to align her clients' expression with their inner light.   

Over the years, her path has included Access Consciousness, Holodynamics, EFT, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touch, Hawaiian Huna, The Reconnection, light touch Access The Bars, and massage-style bodywork. Diane works with clients all over the world, in person and via phone & the Internet. 


Visit the Products & Services and Workshops pages to see Diane's upcoming programs. 

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Diane Ho-Lung. Photo credit; Mark Chin, Miami, FL

Photo: Mark Chin, Hollywood, FL


What clients say about Diane:  

Linda Goldsmith     "In the middle of the night I woke with a confused mind with new priorities and feelings. Like my essence was trying to come through. I love talking with you. I just love your personality and style. It is sincere, connected and transforming. If it is not immediately apparent, it will be. Thanks for your magic."  Linda Goldsmith


 Abby Shukster    "I found Diane to be a brilliant combination of sweetness and functionality. Diane has a way of clearing the fundamental issues of the heart with ease. Diane delivers profound change with a gentle, impactful invitation. I am grateful to have worked with Diane and honor her ability to be peaceful, perceptive, direct and joyful, all in one breath."  Abby Shukster