The Abundance and Flow Quiz - 8 Questions to Rapidly Grow Your Energy Flow, Impact & Income

Tune in and Tune Up! Get an easy roadmap for where you stand now and where you're going on the abundance journey.  

  • Do the quiz again in a few months, if you're curious to see if your scores have gone up!  


"The level of clarity that Diane has helped me achieve is one of the most valuable tools I have as I build my business." M. Sohns.  

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The Abundance & Flow Quiz - 8 Questions to Rapidly Grow Your Energy Flow, Impact & Income


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You're on the search for more awareness, more business success, more fulfillment of your dreams.

Yeah, but ...sometimes it feels difficult to be an entrepreneur!


The intuitive entrepreneur's journey has many challenges. Here are a few:

  • you feel alone, isolated, maybe even a bit unworthy  
  • you offer great services and products but cash flow is unpredictable 
  • you've tried so many things yet still feel stuck and overwhelmed
  • you sense an emptiness in your heart, feel called to do more, but don't know exactly what to do 
  • you're kinda "lost in space" without a grounded action plan 

And life is hectic and requires your attention every waking hour, so who has the time, energy or bandwidth to figure everything out? 


I've got you.

I'm giving you a map. 

So you can know where you're at. 

And move forward with confidence. 


Intuitive heart-centered pioneers aren't given a map of the inner self-development journey. This Quiz is 8 questions to get you started, to set you up for success so you're headed for the right landmarks.


The Abundance & Flow Quiz focuses on 4 areas of Abundance:  Love, Source, Money, Service. 

You'll be able to quickly pinpoint your progression on a scale from 1 to 10. It also suggests next steps to raise your scores to get to 10.  

It's designed to use your heart's perspective so you'll get a clear idea of where you stand at this moment in time, today, right now. 

Then you can take the actions that feel good to you. Tune In and Tune Up Your Frequencies and your numbers will change! 


WHY these topics? 

Good question. Everything is connected. Money and abundance are energies that grow and flow. You're shifting out of the Old paradigm of scarcity into the New paradigm of Abundance, Peace, Love and Prosperity and tapping into the energy of you. In fact, as you embrace freedom of thought, emotion, spirituality and Divine truth, your overall frequency will increase. Your actions, expression, purpose and inspiration will become more aligned to your Divine nature. 

But inviting more lightness and abundance can be a bumpy road so I'll help you through the detours.  

The most beautiful thing?

In spite of the bumpiness, this journey is a natural unfoldment of your inner nature, of the Divine Impulse of your life force and your conscious awareness.

So as you travel this road, support and guidance will show up in varied and unexpected ways. It never looks the way you think it will. 

Remember the story of the man on his roof in a flood? He turned down a canoe, a boat, a helicopter and when he drowned he went to Heaven and asked God why He didn't save him. God listed all the rescuers He'd sent. All the man had to do was realize all the help he'd refused had actually come from God. To him, they didn't look the way he'd expected God would appear. The rescuers hadn't fit the picture, the expectations he'd created.

So the moral of the story is to be open to receiving support in unexpected mysterious ways! 


How to use The Abundance & Flow Quiz 

This is a practical, quick method to assess the 4 Areas: Love, Source, Money and Service. 

  • Get clarity. Check in with your heart, your gut, your inner knowing as you read each of the questions. 
  • Add the totals and see "What My Scores Indicate." 
  • Feel a sense of assurance, knowing where you stand.
  • Reflect on and be inspired by the suggested next steps.
  • Focus on the inner mindset work. Your scores will naturally go higher. 

Results will indicate what you could work on, change or enhance. When you focus on one area, energy flows  will increase. Other areas of life will also be uplifted.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

And before I forget to mention it, we're forming a community of likeminded entrepreneurs and we're rising together.  


Get the Quiz. Know where you stand, where you're heading on the inner transformation journey, and get there faster with more confidence and success. 

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Special Guide

The Abundance & Flow Quiz - 8 Questions to Rapidly Grow Your Energy Flow, Impact & Income


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