About You


Are you a Seeker?  Have you always known "there should be more..."                 

Are you a Dreamer with your head in the clouds?  A Changemaker Leader stepping up your game?

Perhaps you're an Artist or Creator wondering how to get more productive and be more profitable, or a holistic therapist hoping all this meditating and energy work will pay off. 

Have you had the feeling that you're being called to a bigger mission? 

Folks think you've got it all together.  You look confident, sound upbeat and optimistic, and you're having success in your career or business. 

And yet, in those quiet moments, you have the recurring feeling that there HAS to be more to life.  That something has to finally change ... if only you knew what 'it' was and how to change it.

If you knew that, then you'd finally have a place to start. 


Questions, questions....  On top of all that, you've probably wondered what you’re here to do on this planet. What role can you play in the world that would be honoring of your innate talents and abilities. 

What lights you up? Who are you really here to serve?  


Harry Potter was a Seeker in the wizard's game of Quidditch. To win the game for Team Gryffindor, he flew on his wizard's broom to catch the Golden Snitch, an incredibly quick, agile flying golden ball.  

What's the Golden Snitch in your world?  What would it be like to catch that little rascal and finally win?  And yes, after many escapades, Harry and Team Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup  at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry.

Might you have a little bit of wonderful magic going on in your life? 

Bold authentic you.  

How do you reveal the inner you and uncover your unique gifts?  And then, what will you do next that fulfills the inner motivation, the feeling that you have something to contribute to the lives of others.  

Are you ready to lead the people who are waiting for you to lead the way? 

Learn about being you in the world:  

  • gain clarity 
  • connect with your guidance 
  • develop your zone of genius that is your gift  
  • have greater ease with challenges as you step up your game 
  • honor your talents and love the work you do 
  • step into the inner Bold Authentic You 

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Let's have a conversation and find out if we're a good fit. I look forward to speaking with you.  


As Co-Founder of Beyond The Words with Ola Lapina, Diane combines her love of words and energy to align her clients' expression with their inner light.   

Diane works with groups and private clients, hosts Vision Board workshops and teaches Access The Bars.   

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