Unstoppable You!

Are you struggling to get clients, fill programs and build a following? Do you find yourself second guessing the decisions you've made?     

It's Weird. Puzzling. Frustrating. Right?

You bet it is. You're a  passionate heart-centered entrepreneur whose clients have amazing transformations. You love what you do. You've created moments where possibility met preparedness and things simply "fell into place". You've had wins and know you can achieve your goals.  

But there's so much to do before you feel you've succeeded. So what's holding you back?

You question yourself. You hesitate. Sure, evaluating your strategies and tactics are necessary.

This is different. You wonder:

  •  "What if I had ... "
  •  "I'm doing it wrong!"
  •  "I should have started my business 5 years ago ..."
  •  "I can't seem to get it right  I can help way more people, but ... "
  •  "If only I had more confidence / training ... "
  •  "I'm not techie, but if I was .... "
  •  "I love to do X but my dad said to do Y. It's too late to change tracks now...."

Revealing Hidden Resistance 

What do you  mean, resistance?

If you're like most people, there's a familiar recurring thought that keeps haunting you.

That thing you should have done different.

It creates this sense of hesitation and self-doubt that you brush off and keep submerged -- just below the surface of the brave face you present as you keep on doing what you're doing.

That thing, that recurring doubt, is what your resistance and hesitation is all about. 


In fact, all this looking backward and wondering what you could have done better or differently is a huge energy drain. Looking toward the past prevents you from focusing 100% on the present moment.

More important, creation (and gratitude) occurs in the present, in the Now.

This means when you're dragging baggage from the past around with you, it's a challenge to bring energy and focus into creation mode.

Imagine if you could clear your mind and stay fully present and attentive in the moment... 

...in your genius zone...

.... would product creation be more fun? Might generating sales and income be more enjoyable for you and your colleagues?

Imagine that it was easy and natural to be in the creative energy of Flow, Harmony, Fun and Gratitude!

You can make this a reality!

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Who is this program for?

You're an entrepreneur connected to your intuition 

You believe in the power of authenticity, kindness, truth, joy and gratitude. You're on the inner journey of self-discovery and awareness. You might journal, meditate, practice yoga, get regular massages and Reiki sessions, do energy healing or coach clients. You're passionate about bringing more light into the world and being of service to the planet. 

There's just one problem. 

You know what you need to do and what your next strategic steps are, but something gets in the way. 

You know, that thing we talked about earlier. That doubt, that hesitation.

You already have coping mechanisms in place to deal with it. But the truth is, coping mechanisms don't address underlying fears and insecurities, some of which you might not even be aware of. Do you: 

  • Procrastinate
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Pursue perfection
  • Chase shiny objects  
  • Delay the launch of that new product
  • Not engage new customers
  • Have (excellent) reasons and excuses
  • Wish that things would just "fall into place"

What if these are just symptoms of what's really going on?

Wouldn't you like to have more ease with making the vision of your future a reality?

What holds you back is often hidden below your conscious awareness. And with it is buried treasure. There's a treasure? Yes. For sure. Gems of your gifts and talents that haven't yet been fully recognized nor utilized, are simply waiting too be revealed. 

But you've already tried everything, your inside voice says, and things get better, but only for a while and then you gradually slide into those old patterns again.

Wouldn't it be great to say: "Been there, done that. And I got past that hurdle. Told you I could do it."

Definitely, for sure, things can change for the better.


What if you could finally eliminate energy-draining patterns, invite more ease and get the results you've been looking for.

The backsliding will occur less and less frequently and with diminishing intensity. You'll be empowered with tools and skills to triumph over these all-too-familiar gremlins of doubt, fear and insecurity. You'll gain confidence, self-assurance and a deeper connection to your heart and spirit.

Step into the space of you and:

  • Access your inner knowing
  • Deliver services aligned with your vision
  • Expand your reach and influence
  • Give back to the world in a bigger way 
  • Achieve your mission 
  • Create the freedom lifestyle of your dreams 

Free your creative spirit and become unstoppable!

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"Be Unstoppable! 5 Keys to Create Flow" Program Overview

In this program energy blocks will be addressed in 5 key areas:  Relationships. Money. Business. Health. Mindset. Life experiences can have obvious noticeable impacts plus more subtle effects. In the sessions, these old, outdated ideas,patterns and beliefs will be identified and released. They'll no longer hold you back and slow you down This will allow an easier alignment of heart, mind and spirit as you:

  • Connect to intuition with more clarity
  • Feel more empowered to take action
  • Make choices aligned with your heart 
  • Reveal unique superpowers  
  • Gain creative momentum as you live your purpose
  • Express the authentic you with bold confidence

These private 1:1 sessions are customized to clear energy blocks, solve challenges, reveal hidden talents and empower you to express your unique gifts with authenticity and confidence.


Harness your limitless energy and enthusiasm in the now, so you can live your life on purpose, with the joy of being on the creative edge!


Discover if "Be Unstoppable!"  will expand and create your business. 

 Book your complimentary Breakthrough Session today.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will five focus areas be enough? I have lots of insecurities. Answer:  In the "5 Keys to Freedom" Program, Diane will facilitate and clear stuck energy patterns that are top-of-mind for each session, so the top priorities are completely customized. Patterns often involve two or three of the key areas and can extend into other areas of life and business. Diane will also teach you simple, effective, pragmatic tools so you can clear some of those patterns on your own. As you pointed out, there are many potential insecurities for everyone and like peeling an onion, sometimes layers are revealed. Whatever's showing up for you, Diane's programs will enable you to go farther, faster and with more peace of mind.

Q. What's it like to work with Diane?   Answer:  The first thing clients often say is that Diane has a calm light-hearted presence and creates a safe space of clarity and ease. No muss, no fuss, no drama, definitely humor and lots of laughter. And things change!  Here's what clients have said about their results.

Q.  What other programs are available?   Answer:   To discuss the options that will have you buzzing with anticipation, Book a Breakthrough Session with Diane.

  •  "Be Unstoppable - 5 Keys to Create Flow" is a deep dive, 4-month program.
  •  Clearing Intensives  
  •  VIP Days
  •  Paradigm ShiftersVIP Mastermind will be launched in late 2019.

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Connect with Diane via email   info@DianeHoLung.com 

 or Private Message on Facebook

Diane Ho-Lung, Strategic Alignment Specialist

Diane is  easygoing by nature and when facilitating, has a gift for creating an energetic space of allowance for her clients’ experiences.  Her unique insights and intuition allow her to focus in on the core of a given situation and reveal the pathway for her clients  to open up their flow and creativity. Diane invites Strategic Alignment on many levels of being, including physical, emotional, mental, psychological, intuitive, energetic, and creative. She uses her ability and love of energy healing to clear patterns and limiting beliefs so her friends, family members and clients can have more joy and ease with creating a life and living beyond their wildest dreams.



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Cynthia Makris 

Diane gave me insight into my business, opened up possibilities for the expansion of everything I do

Hi! Diane Ho-Lung is a magnificent Access facilitator. In a short telephone conversation, she gave me more insight into my business than I had had at any time before. She also opened up BIG possibilities for the expansion of everything I do as if they were the most logical steps in the world. Diane has vision and, most of all, she asks questions, so that your own truth comes out. Without imposing any of her own points of view, she has an uncanny knack for setting free the big, outrageous places your business could go and where it would like to go. I highly recommend working with her if you are interested in expanding your horizons.    
 Cynthia Makris, Soprano, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Sandy beach. Photo: Mark Chin, Hollywood, FL 

Diane and a feathered friend 

Photo: Mark Chin, Hollywood, FL  MarkChinPhoto.com